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Power savings can have a major impact on your company's bottom line. We can craft a net return analysis to account for your specific power needs, tax situation, and other factors to help you make the smart business decision regarding your solar solution. Are you a non-profit? We have solutions, unique in the industry, that create incredible incentives for you to choose Solar.

Commercial Solutions

Industrial solar solutions can not only have a real savings impact on your energy costs, they can be integrated with your facility infrastructure to create additional returns through heating and cooling, as well as provide roofing or ground cover solutions. We specialize in executing your project safely under the unique working conditions your facility can present.

Industrial Solutions


Whether existing or new construction, we have affordable solutions to offset or completely eliminate your home's electrical costs. We have complete knowledge of any available tax incentives that could assist you in your solar purchase, including historic tax credits. We also can work with your aesthetic vision to deliver a system that compliments the beauty of your home.

Residential Solutions

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Tel: (866) 933-9849

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Performance Solar is the leader in solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We do more than sell and install solar energy systems. We work with clients to do an exhaustive review of the numerous factors that can influence their decision to go solar, how to execute the system to maximize tax benefits, maximize energy production, meet capital outlay and budget requirements, and can even craft solutions to eliminate any out of pocket needs and save you money the first month when compared to existing energy costs. We can even fund your project! 

"Our decision to go solar has continued to pay dividends year after year, and has exceeded our ROI expectations consistently."




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